Do you do these tips for top support?

“Be strong enough to stand alone, smart enough to know when you need help, and brave enough to ask for it.”

Even our body knows this. We have many different organ systems that serve multiple functions in order to support life. We also have checks and balances so if there’s too much of one signal, another organ system turns it off, or sometimes enhances it, depending on what our body calls for at the time. One common example is estrogen (one of our reproductive hormones), made by the ovaries, fat cells, liver, and adrenal glands, and when women enter menopause, the ovaries don’t really make any more estrogen. However, estrogen is still needed within the body and important for many functions, so it’s still made.

Asking for help may also mean relying on inanimate objects for support. In working out with my personal trainer, she always had me wear a belt when I lift, as dead lifts and squats (and a few other heavy moves) are part of my routine. However, on my days at the gym I wouldn’t use the belt, and felt fine. No big deal. Until I started lifting heavier, to where I noticed my form was compromised without it, in which even she was like, go get your own belt. Nope.. I was not giving in- I was not weak! I could do this!

Until I begrudgingly got a belt because I noticed that even going up in weight on my deadlifts, there was a difference. And I want to keep moving up weight, and figured the only way I could was through a belt. Not the most empowering thought, but I ordered it anyways.

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And then I realized a few days later that this was no different from when I got grips for bars or wrist guards for my wrists in gymnastics as I moved up levels during my competitive years almost 10 years ago. It didn’t take away from my efforts doing the tricks- it enhanced it! Holy ****! I’m brilliant!! Now I could not wait to get the belt because it helped keep my form. It didn’t lift for me, I still had to lift the bar. It’s also a great reminder for me to breathe in filling up the whole belt, versus not always realizing when I was holding my breath, which I used to do a lot in gymnastics. In addition, I still use my grips & wrist guards in gymnastics, and am just as proud of myself when I do my tricks. In fact, it’s the support that’s help make me stronger and much more aware, so I can achieve more!

Support can come in many different forms. Do any or all of these resonate with you?:

  • Track your food- No joke. Through an app (my favorite is MyFitnessPal) or by writing down your food & portion size, recent studies have shown that this is the best diet to lose weight. Many times I tell patients this tends to be more for you than me, as we go through mindfulness around certain foods, what to add or take out, if that extra piece of chocolate is really their downfall (it’s not), or if they have a fear of not wanting to record at all. So then we don’t and that’s ok. Start with tracking your water, or something not as daunting. You got this.

  • Wellness professionals- Doctors, chiropractors, nutritionists, acupuncturists, massage therapists, energy healers, physical therapists, psychologists, personal trainers- these are only a few who work wonderfully in addressing all aspects of our body. Sometimes these are individuals, sometimes these are many wrapped into one, especially now with the rise of integrative medicine. I have many of these who I can call upon to keep me accountable and ensure I’m on the right path for optimal health of mind & body. Some you may have for awhile, some you may cycle in and out of, and some you may not have spoken to before. We’re continuously learning about ourselves, and maybe they can enhance that process. If not, go ask someone else.

  • Find your tribe- Social support is so important, and actually much of this is part of why weight watchers has lasted for as long as it has as a program. Any time we change our health, we risk getting backlash from people who aren’t quite sure if they want to change their life or values, and sometimes we actually do. And it can suck. Then you may feel relief. People who we knew to be friends, known for decades, family members, nothing or no one is off limits the moment we decide to do what’s best for us. However, you may now start attracting like minded people, or perhaps solidifying friendships that were already present but you never realized how much a person loves to work out/eat healthy/ into self growth.

Any sort of change is unnerving, and the brain freaks out. Our body loves to be in pattern, in rhythm, and any time we disrupt that we feel it. Literally. We want to go back, go back to what’s easy, normal- yet at the end of the day there was a point in time that wherever we are now wasn’t easy or normal, but yet we got there. Those positive thoughts, support around us (whatever form it may take), and ability to keep asking for help, is how we can surpass great to optimal. If you’d like to find out more of what or who you need (I would also love to introduce my network of people with you too!), let’s find a time to strategize and see where you’re at. Happy learning! :)