Boost Your Mental Clarity by Balancing Your Hormones (hosted by

Did you know that hormone imbalance can do more than just trigger weight gain, hot flashes, painful periods, and low libido? It can also cloud our judgment, contribute to brain fog, and make us somewhat forgetful. Imbalanced hormones can interfere with other mechanisms that optimize these functions, so while it's important to nourish our hormones, we really need a mind-body approach to healing and prevention. 

How Imbalanced Hormones can Complicate Losing those Last Few Pounds (hosted by

Losing weight can seem like an uphill battle, and unfortunately, it's not you- it really is! Weight is its own endocrine organ throwing an extra wrench into messing with our hormones at any age, and any other general health concerns further makes our body really want to hold on. However, weight is usually a sign that things aren't quite right, physically and/or emotionally (think 'holding on'). 


Love Your Life Show- Hormones & Wholeness - Hosted by Jessica Valor

Wellbeing and wholeness are everything right now! In this episode, I am speaking with Jessica Valor, Intuitive Mentor, from Love Your Life Show and Podcast where we discuss all things hormones and health relating to your WHOLE Self-mind, body and energy!

Why We Still Have Those ‘Last Few Pounds’, Hunt & Fish Club, New York, NY

There's more than one solution to optional health, but why? Why doesn’t a supplement, or medication, seem to be the single answer? Here you will find out why, and clues we need to address.


Conferences & Stage Appearances


"The Paradox of How Gaining Weight is Making us Fat", Endocrinology & Autoimmunity Conference, National University of Natural Medicine, Portland, Oregon


“The Vicious Cycle of Estrogen Dominance”, Integrative Healthcare Symposium, New York, New York

"Why there isn't a magic pill, and how to take control of your health", New York, New York






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