Weight is accumulating, or…

it won’t come off, and hormones are a likely culprit.

But if you’re unsure of how that broad term ‘hormones’ applies to you, it can be pretty frustrating trying to address all this yourself.

We can do a lot by ourselves! Yet we may not always know exactly what we’re missing…

Supplements, pharmaceuticals, hormone replacement therapy, birth control, testosterone replacement, cleanses, diets, a new superfood - all play a role in feeling like if we don’t do _____, then we won’t be successful.

There’s a lot of strategies..and even more outcomes. Oy.. Sometimes easier to hope that just going back to our old ways will get get us results- THIS time for sure! Right?? I’ve been there too.

Addressing ALL concerns helps bring out the bigger picture - and a more effective plan! We know the body is not just a single pathway of ‘do this then that’. Let’s treat it as such and get those hormones all balanced!


I help break it all down, even what can seem like A LOT, create a big picture, & a plan that fits YOU! I’m here for you, and able to re-route or dive a little deeper.


Spend your time efficiently & consistently creating change- not just hoping.

There are hundreds of solutions that can be obtained between the point in which you’re told to “wait and see” and the point where you begin to wonder just what it is you’re waiting for.

Hormonal balance is one of those things where you know it’s there when you feel it, so when you feel it, I’ll teach you everything you need about how to hold onto it and enjoy all the steps that are to follow!

When results happen:

I am a nutrition and fitness professional who could not lose the last few pounds after a surgery to remove uterine fibroids in July 2016. My doctor told me that I was just eating too much, which was not true at all. My stomach was distended and bloated and it still would not go down 6 months after the surgery. I was eating right and exercising, so I didn’t understand what was happening to my body.

After a friend told me about Dr. Serena, she looked into my entire metabolic profile as well as my hormones. She discovered that I had estrogen levels that were off the charts, as well as Candida overgrowth that had completely taken over my entire GI tract.

After taking the personalized homeopathic remedies, vitamins, and herbal supplements that she designed for me, I was able to get my healthy fit body back after 3 months of working with her, and I have continued her regimen ever since.

It turns out I was not ‘crazy’ and there is no amount of money I wouldn’t spend on regaining my health back and feeling good again. Thank you, Dr. Serena, for helping to heal my body naturally from the inside out!!
— Natalie Greene, Registered Dietician

Dr. Serena was incredibly informative, kind, and understanding. She completely changed my relationship with my body and my life.

I learned about all the things that I was overdoing, plus she helped me figure out what nutrient and sleep deficiencies I had and how to correct these things through a few sustainable actions.

Above all, I trusted her and felt I could share anything about my health and my life with her.
— Dave Cash, Personal Trainer

I was having a hard time managing my weight and energy levels, so my family told me to see a Naturopathic Doctor. I contacted Dr. Goldstein, but I wasn’t sure what to expect.

After my first visit with Dr. Goldstein I knew more about Naturopathic medicine and a strong feeling that my issues would be resolved and taken care of.

I lost about 15 pounds in between September and November and went down 2 pants sizes as well! I also felt like I had a lot more energy, and a more stable, less negative mood.

I have Dr. Goldstein to thank for all this new knowledge. I learned so much, and I will certainly continue to keep up this new lifestyle.
— Leila E.

 My programs are designed to address your individual lifestyle and concerns, while focusing on the immediate effects & the bigger picture.


  • Specific signs from their body as to why they’re not feeling as fantastic, & what to do

  • And habits to get back on track within days

  • Focused Dr. Google searches - so more time to their life

  • Embarking on hobbies/dreams they once never thought possible

    and so much more!


Check Out Your Potential Plan!

3 Month ‘Scratch the Surface’- Your basic needs

3 Month ‘Scratch the Surface’- Your basic needs

6 Month ‘Getting Back on the Right Track’

6 Month ‘Getting Back on the Right Track’

12 Month ‘Give a Year, Gain Several Decades’

12 Month ‘Give a Year, Gain Several Decades’