Are your symptoms as vague as that 'check engine' light in your car?

The check engine light in a car is one of the worst lights to come on in the car because it's so vague. It can mean literally anything. Super comforting too when thinking about all the different parts in the car..-> sarcsam. So we may google or post on facebook or ask friends (kind of sounds like that show, 'Who wants to be a millionaire') to see if anyone has experienced the same thing and what we should do. Maybe we find the answer and the light goes off- but what if it comes back on again. And even though it went off, why was it there in the first place, aka do we really know our car well enough to know why, and if this will happen again? At this point you may be on the way to the mechanic so they can give you the full work-up, diagnosis, and prognosis. 

Sounds a bit like health, doesn't it. The car has so many internal mechanisms to keep it functioning properly and also to compensate if something goes awry, but until someone knowledgable is able to really look it over, as your car has a different history than the other same cars on the road, that's how you also practice prevention. Many times we may not quite feel ourselves, low energy, can't lose the last few pounds, a little moodier recently, can't sleep, and figure it's nothing. Deep down we may wonder what it could be, perhaps rule out the really serious ones that appear on WebMD after a google search, and ask our social media community or friends what to do, aka jump right to treatment. 

Here's where I challenge you to ask more about your health- why now? what do these symptoms mean? Symptoms may really hinder daily life or they may be a pain in the ass, but anything that doesn't quite feel like yourself means that your body is trying to tell you something. Unfortunately it's not very specific, and just because something 'went away' doesn't mean the process that made it there doesnt' still exist as it may appear as something else. 

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This happened recently to my car and the diagnosis and treatment was actually really simple- it had to do with the gas emissions system, and the treatment was a new gas cap. Now I know the full story, and treat accordingly. Then I found out about a tire issue, but even though that is separate, it was important to find someone who can also really look over the car and its history. Sometimes in health the diagnosis and treatment is simple- sometimes it's not so simple and we need some time, all of which makes sense as we have many variables to our life spanning our lifestyle and genetics, which is also why individualized treatment plans are so important. Two people can come in with the same concern, and leave with completely different plans because how they got there is different. 

If you'd like to find out more, or explore thoughts you may have about your health, any incongruencies between let's say normal bloodwork yet not feeling fantastic (very common), questionning the supplements that seem to be taking over your cabinet that are self-prescribed, I invite you to chat with me to get an idea of how we can link up everything you're feeling and address it efficiently with natural medicine + prevention. :)