Are you working with or against your body type?

We know we're different than the next person, yet there's so much advice that seems generic that it's can be difficult to differentiate what's right for you, and can even include some trial and error (hopefully not much of the latter). Just like the blood type diet offers insight on eating right for our type, we also have a body type that helps guide our nutritional intake and fitness motivation. Especially when it comes to weight, it's an uphill battle as our fat cells are their own endocrine organ that tend to mess with our already probably somewhat off balanced hormones. 

The three different body types are endomorph, mesomorph, and ectomorph, and here's the fun part- we can also be to any degree a combination of them (it's rare to be purely one or the other), so at the end of the day it's really about listening to your body. This is just another tool to aid in a mindfulness process:

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Ectomorph= You may have difficulty putting on weight or muscle, and want to train with compound movements to add some weight and muscle, and balance out cardio, as too much isn't great. Metabolism is kicked into high gear as carbohydrates are a great macronutrient, as well as protein.  

Mesomorph= You can look at a heavy object and just put on muscle.. ok, not really, but you're more prone to build muscle and not store fat, and strength training is ideal. For results though, you're going to have to train harder than you think (safely, of course), such as timing your workouts for personal bests when it comes to reps and/or weight. However, a clean diet, especially of protein and healthy fats are important. 

Endomorph= It's harder than you think it should be to lose weight- and you're right! Simple, starchy, and sugary carbohydrates can affect you more than others, and strength training such as in the form in intensity (helps burn calories for a longer period of time) is going to be your new best friend. This may take some more discipline, but it can be done! 

At the end of the day, it's all about optimizing ourself and our life. Nutrition is about 80-90% of our health outcomes on multiple levels, and genetics is only about 5-10%. The rest is lifestyle (e.g. health of relationships, exercise, habits, psychological), which you live, so this is actually really empowering! For all of these types, eating a healthful diet is important, as well as sleep, as that's the body's time to renew and regenerate your body's resources. I've enclosed some resources below, and for some tips on better sleep, check out my recent article as a friendly reminder. :) 


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