Top 3 Websites to Check Out for Clean Eating & Hormone Health

Goals to 'be healthy' can sometimes seem overwhelming, especially around the time of New Years, birthdays, vacations, and many times the internet can have TOO much information! Which site to believe, what's really legit, who's telling the truth, etc. So many questions.. and then there's that plan you need to even put those goals in place! Eep! 

I can help! Especially when it comes to health! Health is a very broad term, and much more than buying supplements, the new popular food, or doing a few jumping jacks and sit ups to expect flat abs (well, they may be underneath...). It has to work for you- whether a health goal has been tried before or not, we're all walking around with individual health concerns, past experiences, and lives. Such as how two people can come in with the same concern and leave with two different plans.   

And health is more than just 'now', or the next few months- it's for the rest of your life (should you choose).

Here are my top 3 website resources that really encompass a wide range of healthful eating & lifestyle goals: 

  1. - There are so many chemicals in our cleaning products and beauty products that disrupt our hormones and other messenger systems in our bodies, that I'd recommend tossing anything over a 4. 
  2. The Dirty Dozen/Clean 15 - The top 15 are best bought organic (aka more nutrient dense, generally more contaminated), the bottom 15 do not have to be organic. However, please add meat, soy, rice, popcorn, and dairy to the 'dirty dozen' list. 
  3. - Enjoy fish? Regardless of how it's cooked, fish has it's own  chemical warnings too. And yes, there's 'an app for that' for your grocery shopping convenience. 

Incorporate these steps to reach your health goal, as many times there's so much we want to do that we're unsure where to start. As part of a daily lifestyle, eventually a mindful practice becomes habit.