Top 3 Foods for Hormone Balance

"We are what we eat", is a popular phrase that acknowledges what we put in, is typically what we're going to get out. Like a car that takes diesel gas is going to have compromised function if it gets filled with regular gas. Same for hormonal health. Our hormones are derived from cholesterol molecules, metabolized and excreted by multiple organs, and optimally produced as long as those other systems are in balance. Furthermore, "we are what we absorb", so if we have gut imbalances or always stressed, for example, we're not going to have optimal digestion. 

Some examples of interactions include:
-Our adrenal glands produce our reproductive hormones (estrogen, testosterone, & progesterone- also produced in our reproductive organs), and cortisol.
-Our thyroid determines how fast or slow processes move, and most of the active form gets processed in our liver.
-Our liver also metabolizes hormones, and produces hormones. Elevated cortisol/stress can suppress these functions.
-Optimal eating habits and gut health can maximize nutrient intake from a healthful diet necessary to make these hormones. 

Hormone health is not just about replacement, but nourishing our whole body with nutrient dense food, especially as a foundation of health. 

Your Top 3 Foods: 
  • Avocado- Rich in Magnesium, 'nature's relaxer', this fruit helps manage cortisol, provide cholesterol molecules to help synthesize hormones, and full of healthy fats to keep you satiated and reduce cravings (which can increase cortisol production). They also contain many B vitamins, which are imperative for making hormones, detoxification, and adrenal health.
  • Ground Flaxseed- Plentiful in healthy omega fats, and full of fiber to help with digestion, they provide a wonderful nutty flavor to top over salads, mix into smoothies, or use as seasoning. They also help bind up extra hormones in the liver, and help protect against certain cancers like breast, prostate, and colon. Best kept refrigerated.
  • Cruciferous vegetables- Like brussels sprouts, broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower, all have sulfur based compounds that aid our liver in detoxification, especially when it comes to binding up hormones. They also contain high amounts of fiber to improve digestion, antioxidants, and promote balanced blood sugar. Best cooked even briefly to inactivate compounds that may inhibit thyroid function.