To Soy Or Not to Soy...

That is the Question!
This research flip flops as much as the relationship between eggs & cholesterol, or how much fat to 'really' eat!

Soy is one of the most contaminated, genetically modified (GMO) foods, along with corn and wheat. What does that mean? Well it's more than just extra effort to detox associated chemicals in its soil, which may be mitigated if organic.  

The Good.. 
  • It acts like a 'phytoestrogen'= which means it has estrogenic effects, and estrogen can help moods, libido, and protect bones.
  • It's much better to either ferment or sprout soy. 

The Bad..

  •  It acts like a 'phytoestrogen'. The majority of people are already estrogen dominant, think disrupted periods, infertility, low testosterone, and hormone-related cancers, so actually we don't really need more estrogen.
  • Inhibits thyroid function= Want to lose wight? Estrogen is a growth hormone and thyroid is metabolism. Soy is goitrogenic, a common term also used to describe certain raw vegetables (e.g. broccoli, spinach) that are best consumed when cooked. 
  • Contains protease inhibitors= We require enzymes to digest our food after it's thoroughly been chewed, and soy blocks some of these enzymes. 
  • It's may also be present in protein powders, infant formulas, baked goods, processed meats & foods, some peanut butters, and sauces.

The Verdict

  • Do you or many people in your family have hormone- sensitive cancers such as breast cancer? Then stay away.
  • Despite the media's proclamations, people in Asian countries really don't consume THAT much soy. They also know how to prepare it ways that don't have such harmful effects.
  • If you're out and about, and your choice stands between chicken fingers & a big mac or a tofu salad, please choose the tofu salad. 

Bottom line: 

  • If you'd like to still have soy as a part of your diet, go for natto, miso or tempeh
    • Like with any food, everything in moderation
  • If you're concerned about hormonal problems, we may need to dig a little deeper than a discussion about soy.
  • If you still have no idea what to think, don't worry about it and just keep cookin' up those vegetables!