Do You Feel Fatigued? Stressed? Your Energy 'Should' be More?

First, remove the word 'should'- it's a strong word, and not usually associated with something we're excited to complete, or else we already would have completed said task, right? Consider rephrasing to: "I'd like to complete this task because____, and here's what I need to do: ______."

We cannot live without stress, but too much can also be difficult. Cortisol, or main hormone for stress, is produced in the adrenal glands (triangle shaped glands on top of our kidneys), and secreted when given the signal by it's releasing hormone in the brain. However, we may not always realize how many stressors are contributing to constant release of cortisol, which has the potential to inhibit hormones, proper digestion, the immune system, and contribute to weight gain, cardiovascular disease and fertility problems.

Symptoms, our body's way of communication, may include reaching for a mid-afternoon jolt of caffeine to 'wake-up', restless sleep, or even napping after a workout.

An elimination diet for food promotes mindfulness and awareness in understanding how certain foods affect you. Copy the same technique, with some tips, to further understand your own triggers.

What can you do to improve your energy and help manage your stress?

  • What makes you happy? Reading? Exercising? Spending time with loved your pet, or animals? This is how you can help yourself renew energy.

  • Surround yourself with positive people. Especially those with a genuine interest in your life, and can provide encouragement and kind words when needed, just as you reciprocate for them. Your relationship is complementary.

  • Take 10 minutes per day to reflect. What struggles did it take for you to get here? What do you need to overcome? What would make your future self happy? Give yourself credit for where you are, and don't compare to others, as everyone has their own story.

  • Nourish your body with fresh, wholesome foods. Most of serotonin, your 'happy hormone' is made in your gut. Happy gut, happy mind.

  • Shift your thought process. Placed in a situation/job that has to exist? As Eleanor Roosevelt beautifully phrased, "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." Now go back and re-read these steps!

The proper coaching and guidance in creating an individualized treatment plan for your own 'elimination diet' may be a crucial component to help you make long lasting, and healing, changes. Let’s find yours here.