losing weight does not have to be that complicated

Discover how natural therapies are essential for YOUR optimal weight:

 "3 Effective Everyday Tasks Below!"


You feel like you've tried everything to lose weight, or not gain...

  • Tried the diets, cleanses, etc and still feel the same? This is frustrating, but I can help.

  • Lost/Losing your mojo (maybe 'low T')? Let's bring your (already) sexy back!

  • Painful (and so bloated) periods? I’ve got you covered better than a heating pad.

  • Perimenopause or stress? Deep breaths.. we'll figure it out.

  • No date on a Friday night? Well, I can’t really help with this, but I CAN help you feel better and that will certainly help you out in all other areas of your life.

You know you can feel better.. but how? 

  • few natural supplements,

  • prescriptions,

  • and your mom’s advice...

In fact most doctors probably tell you that you are “fine”, but you want- no, you’ll strive for more.

But you're fed up "trying" and you're ready for results

(less discomfort and more "living")

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You want to feel GREAT and I'm here to help you get there.


My name is Dr. Serena Goldstein, and I’m a Naturopathic Doctor devoted to helping men and women get to their best weight by addressing hormone imbalances through specific, individualized plans based on nutrition, lifestyle, sleep, and natural therapies. 

Dr. Serena's packages are designed to address your main concern and encompass the mental, emotional, physical and preventative aspects to healing. Her comprehensive approach also empowers you with vital knowledge about your health so you can sustain these changes over a lifetime.  

"The changes were almost immediate; within a couple days, I had more energy and more focus."

"I'm drinking practically nothing but water and have cut down on my sugar intake immensely. 
I'm happy to have met and worked with you Dr. Goldstein, and I thank you for everything you've done for me."

"Dr. Serena has an
amazing ability to translate very technical and scientific knowledge into simple language that can easily be absorbed and acted on. Her work on hormone balance is incredibly effective and I've personally seen the benefit of her expertise in this area."

Together, we’ll work to create a personal & mindful approach to understanding your symptoms, & discovering the root cause of disease.

Find out how natural medicine fits with your lifestyle!


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