5 Foods to Boost Adrenal Health

The stress/stressors of modern day life is enough to wear down even the healthiest of people. Types of stress include decision fatigue (we're strongest the first 3 hours of the day- so make your schedule the day before as best you can), trouble at work, argument with another human being, physical injury, multiple diagnosis (or even just fighting off a cold), excess sugar/alcohol/illicit drugs, sitting 24/7 (or feeling like you are) and poor dietary choices are just some examples of what can zap our energy.

We have finite reserves throughout the day, and while a cup of coffee (or 3) or Redbull seems like a quick fix, in the long run they may actually worsen our energy little by little. Our adrenal glands, the two glands that sit on top of each kidney, are mostly responsible for our energy through helping maintain our blood pressure and regulating our stress response through cortisol (our stress hormone).

Here are 5 foods to consume to help nourish your adrenals, and provide a natural energy boost:


  • Avocado= high in B vitamins, protein, magnesium, healthy fats, potassium
  • Pineapple= high in vitamin C, and anti-inflammatory
  • Spinach= helps with detoxification, and high in vitamin C, magnesium, zinc
  • Almond= perfect blend of carbs, fats, & protein, and high in magnesium, vitamin E, manganese
  • Wild Salmon= rich source of healthy fats, protein, all around nutrient dense 
All of these vitamins, minerals and macro nutrients (carbs, fats, protein) are incredibly important to helping our adrenals with energy production throughout the day. Have these foods on a regular basis (e.g. spinach salad w/ salmon), or as a snack (e.g. half an avocado, handful of almonds + pineapple) and you'll also get a lot more health benefits in addition to healthy energy levels.

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