Weight is either pilling on or won’t come off, and this term ‘hormones’ seems to be the culprit?

Are YOU fed up with trying to decode what is going on?  

  • Your belly feels like a beach ball in your new pants that fit totally fine last week.

  • Your 'healthy lifestyle' doesn't seem to solve everything, and can't figure out WHY this is happening?!

  • Supplements, pharmaceuticals, hormone replacement therapy, birth control, testosterone replacement, advice coming in from everywhere & everyone- and just overwhelmed??

  • Sleep is alright, energy is all over the place, sugar/carb cravings are your worst enemy, and you can’t imagine life otherwise.

  • Ladies- the hot flashes and/or painful periods got you down and out for certain days of the month (probably not helping with libido). Men- you can’t lose weight/tone up/build muscle, and libido isn’t what it used to be- and you’re frustrated.

This is the perfect time to start!


These are all signs that hormones like estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone are off kilter and I can help you retrain your body utilizing natural lifestyle tips and therapies to get back into balance, and shed the extra pounds. It's easy to brush something off as normal especially if it doesn't really affect our daily lives, or to take a pharmaceutical that 'makes it go away', but our body is trying to tell us something- but what? HOW did we get there? WHAT is the process? WHERE did this come from? It didn't just appear overnight, so what was the 'straw that broke the camel's back'? 

My optimal health programs are designed to address your individual lifestyle and concerns, where I will guide you through everything you need to re-balance your body, reset your life and learn to love your body again.

Hear what my clients say:

I am a nutrition and fitness professional who had a difficult recovery from a multiple myomectomy surgery to remove uterine fibroids in July 2016. My doctor told me that I was just eating too much which was not true at all. My stomach was distended and bloated and still would not go down 6 months after the surgery. I was eating right and exercising and didn’t understand what was happening to my body.
After a friend told me about Dr. Serena, she looked into my entire metabolic profile as well as my hormones. She discovered that I had off the charts high estrogen levels as well as Candida overgrowth that had completely taken over my entire GI tract.
After taking the personalized homeopathic remedies, vitamins and herbal supplements that she designed for me, I was able to get my healthy fit body back after 3 months of working with her, and then continued for the next almost 9 months for ongoing healing.
It turns out I was not ‘crazy’ and there is no amount of money I wouldn’t spend on regaining my health back and feeling good again. Thank you Dr. Serena for helping to heal my body naturally from the inside out!!”  -  Natalie Greene, Registered Dietician

"Dr. Serena was incredibly informative, kind, and understanding. She completely changed my relationship with my body and my life. I learned about all the things that I was over doing and she helped me figure out what nutrient and sleep deficiencies I had and how to correct these things through a few sustainable actions. Above all I trusted her and felt I could share anything about my health and my life with her."     -Dave Cash, Personal Trainer


"It has been a blessing and such a stress relief working with Dr. Serena. I started working with her March 2017. I was having uterine issues that lead to stage 4 uterine cancer. Endometrial stromal sarcoma. I was in the dark for 3-4 weeks in the unknown during March and April. However, Dr. Serena is very supportive and a great guide. On Nov 2017 I got my CT scan and all was clear and normal. I feel my healthiest. Lost 20lbs. Look 10 years younger. Self Care is my full time job thanks to Dr. Serena. Working with her and along with my oncologist has been an effortless journey. Thank you and I’m blessed and lucky."     -   Raquel Botelho

"In the summer of 2016 I was having a hard time managing my weight and energy level. My family told me to see a Naturopathic Doctor, and I contacted Dr. Goldstein to help familiarize me with how Naturopathic medicine works as I wasn't sure what to expect. After my first visit with Dr. Goldstein I knew more about Naturopathic medicine and a strong feeling that my issues would be resolved and taken care of. Right away I was put on different supplements and told to become 100% gluten free- but how could I do this if my favorite food is pizza?! Dr. Goldstein was very efficient and explained how gluten could affect my digestive system and how this contribute to poor energy levels and weight concerns, as well as how hormones are a big part of everyday life. In a few months I was more aware of how hormones and different foods work with your body in so many ways. 
I started with Dr. Goldstein in September and by November I was already seeing/feeling the difference. I lost about 15 pounds total and went down 2 pants sizes! 
I also felt a lot more energy, and a happiness type of energy. I have taken everything I learned and continue to work on my weight and overall health, and have Dr. Goldstein to thank for all this new knowledge. I learned so much, and will continue to keep up this new lifestyle." - Leila E. 

“It is not unusual to write an endorsement for a doctor who has made such a difference in your life especially as you want others to benefit from your extraordinary experience.
I've been seeing Naturopathic Doctors in addition to my primary care since 2006 when conventional docs just ran out of ideas. I contracted with Dr. Serena Goldstein as I saw how well she had worked with my husband who now was taking charge of his health without relying on me.
To say I've been satisfied would be a gross understatement.
After our 1st visit in mid September I received a huge reprieve from the burden of taking an inordinate amount of supplements. Instead Dr. Serena pared down what I was taking, added some including homeopathic remedies as she recognized the physical/emotion connection in all of us.
So here I am about 1 month later in disbelief how my physical/emotional state has gone to the next level. All of a sudden friends are telling me I look sassy at 63! More to the point is how I feel knowing I can plan activities and have the wherewithal to not only do them, but truly enjoy them to the hilt. And yes, I am Dr. Serena's Mom and so proud of her but also extremely grateful for the new lease on life she has provided through her knowledge, care and dedication. I hope you will allow yourself to experience the best in care as I did.” - Benita Goldstein


Click the pictures below to discover which program is right for you!

12 month.jpg

Hormonal Healing:

3 month Intensive

  • Your main concern has been going on awhile, a few months to a year

  • Some natural remedies or pharmaceuticals provided minimal/no relief

  • Perhaps not hitting those health goals as fast as you like, and those minor concerns may be related?

6 month.jpg

Rebalance and Recharge:

6 month

  • Now plus an outright issue, there's other stuff that's been going on for years, you're fed up, and don't even feel like using energy to try to fully treat yourself

  • Maybe it's a low grade annoying 'won't go away, but haven't figured out its origin so I manage'

  • 'Never well since...' and feel like there's something deeper going on? Probably so.

3 month.jpg

Hormonal Harmony:

12 month

  • The list of diagnosis and concerns keep getting longer, and you have no idea where to even begin 'getting healthy'!

  • You don't remember a time there weren't issues present.

  • You have decades ahead of you with centuries' worth of life! You are serious about prevention and optimal quality of life.

So what would it mean to you to fit back into your favorite clothes?

Understand your body well enough that you can spot, then address, an imbalance? 

Not freak out that your clothes won't fit every time you go into your closet? 

Gain more time and energy to do what you enjoy? And be with friends and family?


Together let's explore the right path for you!