Bringing Balance Back: Your Rhythm and Balance

Are YOU fed up with your hormones?  

  • You’re frustrated to always decline invites out with friends because you’re curled up at home with aheating pad and midol.
  • Your 'healthy lifestyle' doesn't seem to solve everything, and can't figure out WHY this is happening?!   
  • Now you AND your partner are suffering because your libido is in the toilet, orgasms are nonexistent, and forget about erections.. or 'lady boners' for that matter. And you know pharmaceuticals are not the only option! 
  • Your belly feels like a beach ball in your new pants that fit totally fine last week.

This is the perfect time to start!


I specialize in helping men and women regain body balance even if their hormones lack sensible rhythm. It's easy to brush something off as normal especially if it doesn't really affect our daily lives, or a pharmaceutical 'makes it go away', but our body is trying to tell us something- but what? HOW did we get there? WHAT is the process? WHERE did this come from? It didn't just appear overnight, so what was the 'straw that broke the camel's back'? I help people understand how diet, sleep, stress, lifestyle, and their emotional well-being at the very minimum, affect their health and their largest hindrance to feeling their best. 

My “Rhythm & Balance” programs are created to address our individual lifestyle and physiology, where I will guide you through everything you need to re-balance your body, reset your life and learn to love your body again.

Hear what my clients say:

"As a fitness professional, I've often referred my clients to Dr Serena for assistance in diagnosing and treating metabolic/hormonal issues. I've found her medical insight to be both enlightening and refreshing, as she takes anoticeably holistic approach compared to conventional doctors. Having also been a patient of hers, I can say with confidence that her bedside manner is superb and that she will be there with you through every step of your healing journey."       -Rui Li, Personal Trainer

"Dr. Serena is a rockstar ND. Your health is in good hands with her!"  - Dr. Lisa Fortes-Schramm, ND

"I believe I'm on the right path (thanks to you!) and now know what I need to do. I'm drinking practically nothing but water and have cut down on my sugar intake immensely. I'm happy to have met and worked with you Dr. Goldstein, and I thank you for everything you've done for me. Thank you again for everything, and I am glad to have met you."   -   T.J.

"Working with Dr. Serena has improved my health." - K.S.


Click the pictures below to discover which program is right for you!

12 month.jpg

Hormonal Healing:

3 month Intensive

  • Your main concern has been going on awhile, a few months to a year
  • Some natural remedies or pharmaceuticals provided minimal/no relief
  • Perhaps not hitting those health goals as fast as you like, and those minor concerns may be related? 
6 month.jpg

Rebalance and Recharge:

6 month

  • Now plus an outright issue, there's other stuff that's been going on for years, you're fed up, and don't even feel like using energy to try to fully treat yourself
  • Maybe it's a low grade annoying 'won't go away, but haven't figured out its origin so I manage'
  • 'Never well since...' and feel like there's something deeper going on? Probably so.
3 month.jpg

Hormonal Harmony:

12 month

  • The list of diagnosis and concerns keep getting longer, and you have no idea where to even begin 'getting healthy'!
  • You don't remember a time there weren't issues present. 
  • You have decades ahead of you with centuries' worth of life! You are serious about prevention and optimal quality of life.

So what would it mean to you to fit back into your favorite clothes?

Have your 'sexy back'? 

Or not spend all your money on cover-up and Ibuprofin? 

Gain more time and energy to do what you enjoy? And be with friends and family?


Together let's explore the right path for you!