Shiny Object Syndrome? It's not just 'all in your head'

I know there's some humor behind 'shiny object syndrome', when we're working at a task and then all of a sudden an email or text message appears and we're off to the races finishing that task only to realize however many hours have gone by and that original task is still waiting to be completed. Oy!! Fast forward to kicking oneself (hopefully not literally), promising you'll do better next time, and won't get so distracted. Yet it may have happened again.. or you forgot something.. and now well life is just crashing down and a one way ticket to the Bermuda Triangle seems pretty tempting. 

Good news- it's not 'just you'!! These moments can be symptoms of greater underlying concerns at hand such as blood sugar issues, high stress, poor sleep, anxiety/mood related issues, and then all of these can be further exacerbated by hormonal imbalances (e.g. low libido, weight gain), gut issues (most of our mood hormones are made there), poor diet, lack of exercise, and even certain common pharmaceuticals where some tend to deplete mood related nutrients like B vitamins. Further, it's also important to consider thyroid and cardiovascular health (plaque buildup impairing blood flow) risk factors, as well as potentially further investigation into Lyme, autoimmune, or spectrum disorders

Food intolerances (not an allergy like Celiac, but where your body just doesn't like a food and doesn't send you to the ER) tend to be underlying and produce symptoms that can manifest outside the gut (not always bloating or gas) such as skin rashes, brain fog, insomnia, twitches, etc. Common intolerances are gluten, dairy, and sugar (especially in processed food where it's usually in overload; anything that ends in '-ose'), and the U.S. is partially to blame as they hardly resemble what it originally was decades ago (therefore our gut is like 'how/what do I do with this..' every time it's consumed). 

Fortunately, regardless of the diagnosis, there's a number of strategies that can help address 'shiny object syndrome' that are super effective in getting you grounded!:

  • Move your body- Drink at least half your body weight in ounces of water per day, and add a squeeze of lemon for extra detox, as water helps flush out toxins, cut down on cravings (we have the same signals for hunger and thirst), and best of all- you'll be getting up every hour to pee! Which means you'll have to move your body, even for just a few minutes, to the bathroom. Aka a great strategy to help you move throughout the day!
  • Magnesium- Check out the form glycinate, as it doesn't affect your bowel movements, and this mineral is 'nature's relaxer'. It's involved in over 500 reactions in the human body, and commonly depleted by stress, alcohol, and caffeine. Epsom salt baths before bed can also help you doze off. During the day, opt for powder form of magnesium as they get into your system much faster than a capsule, which needs to be broken down. 
  • Rescue Remedy, or another Bach flower essence- Flower essences were developed by British physician Dr. Edward Bach, been around for about 100 years, and very effective towards emotional healing, and also used for physical ailments. However, on the emotional side, each flower has characteristics geared towards a certain emotional state that people gravitate to, so while Rescue Remedy does wonders, if you'd like something more tailored towards you, check out your choices here to see which one resonates with you. You can place a few drops in water to have throughout the day, or take a dropperful as needed during that moment. And good news- no herb/drug/nutrient interaction!