Lose Weight & Improve GI Health with THIS Temperature of Water

Room temp for the win! We're pretty much the only country that serves ice water (unless we're in a restaurant where their native country doesn't)

Ice water is extremely prevalent in households, restaurants, etc. and we drink it. Heck, some of us even congratulate ourselves for it being our water intake of the day! Then I have some good news- all you have to do is keep the water filter/water bottles out of the fridge! Or ask for no ice in your water upon dining out, and press the 'room temp' button on the water cooler. 

While a couple of ice cubes can seem really refreshing in the summer (actually, all our body cares about is that we replenish the liquid), ice water can cause our system to 'freeze up'. Ways it can hinder your health include:

  • Irregular bowel movements? Ice water makes our intestines contract, while making food harden, creating some extra hurdles for things to pass through.
  • Want to lose weight? Better reach for that room temp glass. As mentioned it can hinder digestion (so we're probably not getting all those beneficial nutrients) and elimination (our body does not like when toxins recirculate), and further, it can cause fats to harden and congeal (like our food), making them harder for the body to metabolize/lose.
  • Impair digestion- the body uses energy to warm up that liquid, instead of using it's resources to digest your food. Also letting food sit and ferment (aka doesn't digest properly) can lead to a series of GI concerns like reflux, bloating, gas, etc. Further, most of our mood & sleep hormones, and immune system are in our gut, so a healthy gut can very much equate to a good mood, good sleep, and improved immune system. 

To mix up your water, or if you'd like to still put something in it, consider slices of lemon, orange, cucumber, grapefruit, and lime, either a combination or single, as they are loaded with vitamins and minerals, and great detoxing properties as well! 

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