Help Keep Your Energy Stable with These 3 Kitchen Spices

And they're found at your local store! 

There's a million different reasons to boost energy, but even that's exhausting to think about! Maybe a million is exaggerating, though sometimes we can feel so exasperated by stuff going on inside our body, outside our body, to our body, and then there's all the emotional stuff and constantly thinking- maybe all before 3pm as that's when we line up for our mid-afternoon coffee/red bull for a jolt of energy!

Imagine steady energy and focus throughout the day- and yes, it's totally possible! Modern everyday life can wear down even the healthiest person, and we all need a boost! Whether you're prepping your morning smoothie or meal, making meals for the week, or even going out to eat, make sure you have these 3 kitchen friendly spices regularly on hand to help improve your energy: 

  • Maca- actually a food and packed with minerals, it helps balance hormones and our stress response to help avoid becoming completely exhausted or depleted.
  • Licorice- While there is a chance of it raising blood pressure, generally the amount such as in a tea or in your food is more nutritive. It also balances our stress response, and great during cold/flu season.
  • Cinnamon- This helps to regulate blood sugar (think: potentially no more getting 'hangry' - hunger + angry, mood swings, or cravings), improve brain function, and has traditionally been used to improve libido- so there has to be a boost of energy in this classic! 

Questions? Thoughts? Energy can't always be picked up on blood tests so I do offer further testing as needed. Sometimes our rhythms are just off (no pun intended with daylight savings!), we're 'tired but wired', and the only time we want to sleep is when we have to wake up. Let's chat about it HERE so we can really get you finishing up the year super strong and powering into next!

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