What are your genetics trying to tell you?

Weighing in on your genetics.. literally.

*Ever tried that same diet as your friend or family member only to lose a few pounds, then gain it right back? Or maybe nothing happened, or you actually gained weight! Yeah, that happens too. 

*Have you researched and tried a bunch of diets and food avoidances, different types of exercise, ‘the best supplements for weight loss’, and maybe some work around stress management and hormones? Ugh.. though that kale salad has never seemed more defeating or restricting..cravings are kinda intense. 

*Everyone in your family is ‘in shape’ except you, and it’s been this way since childhood.. so much for ‘growing out of it.’

Humans have millions of genes that account for what goes on inside of us, as well as determining our physical features. Weight can be an uphill battle against for our physiology if we are not feeding our genes, literally, what they like. And how do we know if we should choose that yoga class or cycling class? Or eat more protein over fats? Is it really best to eat 5 times per day? And sometimes even when we try to listen to our body, it can be hard, or we have that inkling of we think we know, but want to see if we’re really sure. Let’s figure it out.

Genetic testing for a certain amount of the most widely researched genes can provide information to a diet that is best for your body to optimize function to help you lose weight. We also have the capacity to change our genes and optimize gene expression that promotes our healthiest self overall, as we are such individual beings! We are in the day and age where two people can come in with the same concern, and leave with completely different treatment plans because how they got there is different- genetic testing can help!

I’m offering a 30 minutes discussion where you get customized suggestions such as sample meals & snacks, workout approaches, and strategies on how to best implement your results to accommodate your genetics, all for $397. You will receive the kit within about a week of purchase, and a prompt to schedule your discussion for 2-3 weeks after payment

I look forward to speaking with you!! Questions? Comment below or contact me for more info!