Party Like a (Health) Rockstar

Wow, sometimes it's hard to believe it's December, as many holidays approach, plus anticipating the new New Year, vacation (either travel, or local adventures), finishing any tasks/ meetings/ goals before the New Year, perhaps visiting family and friends, holiday parties (company and personal), and thinking about what we want to achieve in 2017. That's a lot to think about! 

In other words, we're faced with a lot of scenarios in the same season too that's also called 'cold season', especially in cities with varying temperatures. Fortunately there's many natural remedies that have a home in your medicine cabinet or your bag, to help you get through some of these most common moments. 

Your Top Tips: 
  • Alcohol Intake - Whether it's a holiday party or a small get-together, we may have work the next day and still want to feel our best. Load up on vitamin C and a good B complex. B vitamins are involved in over 500 reactions in the human body, and vitamin C is an all-around booster (helps with immune and stress support too).
  • Stress - Whether it's being around people whom we only 'smile and nod' on our way to a more desired group, scrambling to finish an assignment, or anticipating these next few weeks, I recommend Bach Rescue Remedy! It's made from flowers to help promote feelings of calm regardless of situation. There was a lot going around in med school.. especially around finals.
  • Immune Boost - Feel a cold coming on? Get some extra shut eye, whether it's going to bed before 10pm or a power nap. Sleep is incredibly important for our body to regenerate and repair. Issues falling or staying asleep? Magnesium (preferably glycinate) is 'nature's relaxer', to help you sleep and reduce stress levels, with so many more benefits to overall health.