How to Keep Your New Years Resolution Past February

Every year on January 1st we declare resolutions that may improve how we feel about ourselves, about others, or possibly improve your community. Your resolution is important, and deserves to extend past the end of January, which is when most resolutions become second priority.
Goals may be repeated year after year due ineffective planning strategies. Imagine sustaining your resolution past January, the next 6 months, and more than a year. Would you allow it to become part of your lifestyle?
Here are some proactive suggestions to aid in maintaining your resolution so this year is the last time it’s made
1) Make a plan
For long-term success, like cooking, you need ingredients (your strategies) to produce the dish (your resolution). Want to go to the gym more? Great! How does it fit into your schedule, and what classes do you enjoy? Discuss with your health care provider how to best balance various fitness routines that accommodate your fitness level, as well as how to optimize your nutrition intake.
2) Eliminate external reasons
This is about what you want, not to please others or because you feel ‘you should’. You’re the one following through with the resolution, so let’s understand why this resolution exists. If your goal is to spend less money, consider planning a trip somewhere you’ve always wanted to visit. Now we can reflect back on the first tip to brainstorm ideas that will bring you to your destination. Allow the reason to be truly yours.
3) Support
Who are people in your day-to-day, or even monthly, life? How does family play a role in your relationships? Your resolution is important, and enveloping yourself in a like-minded community helps foster success. is a wonderful website filled with thousands of groups who have a myriad of interests, and introduces you to those with similar interests.
4) It’s ok to fall off the bandwagon
Maybe we can’t make that meetup group get together, attend our favorite gym class, or a mandatory event surrounds you in a dessert buffet and unlimited alcohol.  Your personal reason for making resolutions help serve as a guide to redirect your focus during these times, as life is certainly not linear. There will be more get-togethers, your workout can exist outside the gym, and you may have some fun stories after that party. Be kind to yourself, changes are made over time.
5) Confidence
You can do this! You chose this resolution because it is meaningful for you. Make this the last year you have to repeat a resolution, and let’s work together to put a plan into action and keep you motivated.