Your Health in the New Year

A New Year presents a time for reflection, growth, and overall excitement as we anticipate the unknown. Understanding your past can provide clues to the resources you need to fulfill your vision for both the present, and the future. First, take a moment and praise yourself for 10 seconds- go. Your positive thought may have just increased your self-confidence, as well as the ability to improve your immune system and favorably alter your DNA.
          Habits of any nature take time to develop, and can be filled with joy or frustration, and sometimes simultaneously. However, viewing both emotions objectively as feedback, we can assess the information and correct accordingly. You had a successful moment- what set you up for it, and how can you replicate it? You had a not so successful moment- same question, except what was the situation and surroundings that could have been a trigger? You can do this.
           Now, in terms of health, let this brand new year motivate you to incorporate daily strategies that can double as optimizing your health and serving as preventative medicine.
1) Drink at least half your body weight in water everyday
Up to about 60-70% of the human body is water, replenish what gets lost through situations such as bathroom visits, crying, and sweating. Water is one of our best detoxifiers, and contributes to clear skin, energy, and healthy organs. 
2) Exercise for at least 30 minutes per day
A recent study has shown that more than 5 days of being sedentary negatively affects your vasculature, increasing your risk of cardiovascular events, such as stroke or heart attack. In addition, regular exercise may help improve mood, sore muscles, and critical thinking. Consider checking out some free websites for home workouts, such as daily burn and yoga.
3) Fill at least half your plate with vegetables
Sauté, boil, bake- then add in heart-healthy oil, such as coconut oil or olive oil, which allows for optimal absorption of fat-soluble vitamins located in these superfoods. Vegetables are rich sources of vitamins and minerals that provide antioxidants, immune boosting properties, and overall nourishment for any ailment. Top with herbs for flavor and additional health benefits. 
4) Go to bed 15 minutes earlier.
This will help you get an extra 7½ hours of sleep over a month, allowing more time for your body to repair and restore itself. In bed and asleep the hours between 10pm-12am are twice as valuable than going to bed after midnight, yet optimally near 10pm. Is there any part of your routine throughout the day that can be eliminated, or shifted? We can also discuss how to enhance all stages of sleep to aid in maximum body regeneration and renewal.
5) Consider some supplements
Supplements are meant to supplement, not replace, an unhealthy lifestyle, but between stress, caffeine, alcohol, and certain pharmaceuticals, some of those critical nutrients can be depleted. Magnesium, nature's relaxer, is very helpful and commonly depleted. A quality B complex is also great to have on hand, as well as ensuring you have proper vitamin D levels (even under the equator we don't get enough; get tested first before dosing). And if there are health concerns, there may be a need for a few more to reach that therapeutic effect as we modify diet & lifestyle. Fortunately, we can discuss which supplements are right for you.