Getting Back On the Right Track:

6 Month Plan

You’ve tried so much to get healthy, to lose weight and keep it off. Nothing seems to work, as far as permanent improvement goes. But the problems go farther than just that - sleep issues, cravings, exhaustion, and nutritional restrictions are also adding to the primary problem.

Here I get to help get you back on track because habits can take at least 90 days to set in! I can see you through those times of parties, ‘life’, etc. to ensure the strategies in place are really sticking. And that we’re hitting all of your concerns – including ones that may arise!

If you’re sick and tired of not being able to get the answers you need, then this option will be the best decision to make. You'll receive 7 visits, scheduled every three-four weeks, as well as unlimited phone/email support for brief questions/inquiries. Options for virtual visits are also available.