Give A Year, Gain Several Decades:

12 Month Plan

Not only are those last few pounds not just coming off, an unexpected diagnosis has been made, transforming something that was already difficult into an impossibility. You don't remember a time there weren't issues present, and that fact alone has made the healthiest foods you know the least appetizing things imaginable.

This is a worst-case scenario, of course, but this option is also the best option to take up if your major concern is to move beyond surviving through the next few decades. If you desire to live the quality of life that allows you to make the most of every era of your life, the resources I have to offer will give you the energy and the attitude you need to make the most of all the years that are to come!

You'll receive 12 visits, scheduled every four weeks, as well as unlimited phone/email support for brief questions/inquiries.Options for virtual visits are also available