Dr. Serena Goldstein, ND


How many times have you tried to go out for the night, but your favorite piece of clothing doesn’t fit right?

Or caught in the nerve wracking experience in which you could eat anything - but something you might eat could cause bloating, indigestion, or energy drain?

Perhaps people say you look fine, but you can’t help but wonder if you have been oversold this new routine.

These experiences are extremely common, common enough so that I experienced each and every one of them


Always on the go? I get it.

I had a resume full of accomplishments before high school, so when a gymnastics injury nixed my extra-curriculars sophomore year in high school I delved into psychology to try to understand why for the first time my usual methods to feel better were just not working.

A year later I sought a psychologist where I got results, and who also went above and beyond to help me understand how and why I was sitting on her big comfy couch, as well as address any psychology based questions & research in whatever new book I just finished reading. Her ability to educate and heal inspired me to give back both the healing & teaching she provided. Off to college to major in psychology!

As Japanese 2 (I still know a bit) was going south towards the end of the semester, a close friend recommended adding pre-med to learn more to do for people. Fantastic!

That excitement ended fast when I realized I just gained the ‘freshman 15’, and my marching band uniform barely fit. I freaked. I always thought my body was invincible to weight gain because it NEVER happened - so why now?? Enter flawed logic, denial, confusion, panic, splitting my pants in class…

Ever think you’ll ‘sleep off the weight’? That clothes will expand overnight to fit you again? All while trying every diet, smoothie, meal bar, etc. and swearing yourself off from social events? Yeah… not fun.

Yet I was still here to pursue my passion, even if getting dressed was not super fun. Growing up with healthy food & home cooked meals, I knew there was something to lifestyle too when it came to healing. A school trip to a Naturopathic medical school embodied how I knew I would help people- through psychology and learning both natural & conventional medicine - with their own unique plan to get them results.

A Naturopathic Doctor helped me lose weight and understand how my body works, and it wasn’t long before I was back to my high school weight. And I was able to stay like that even with going out with friends or through crazy stressful times!

Except little did I realize I’d experience this would happen all over again.

End of first term second year Naturopathic medical school, I ran to the clinic panicking about red, hot splotches started breaking out on my neck, now going down my arms. This was NOT in my dermatology book.. I needed answers- STAT!

While sobbing in the office, I hung my head in pity and only then did I notice that my belly HAS NEVER looked like that. Or the rest of my body. So clothes really don’t expand overnight?? I never imagined in my wildest thoughts that even with eating more vegetables than ever, regular gym time, and thinking I ‘learned my lesson’, that my 5 foot frame was now nearly 150 pounds.

I knew all the basic sciences. I had answers. So why couldn’t I ‘fix’ myself? I got that question quite a bit - I was just as frustrated. I was doing everything like before- why did it fail this time?


Except I chose to deal with it by putting my ego aside to become a patient.


In working with a Naturopathic Doctor at my school, I realized what worked back then may not always work, but that I CAN learn how to tune into even subtle signs that let me know when I’ve veered off track.

I saw results within days, more within weeks, and big changes over the months and then years. I had my own unique plan of natural medicine that addressed one of the most common culprits of weight gain - hormone imbalance.

It was also designed to fit into my life as a busy medical school student, and even post graduation during my career here in NYC! A few years later…

I decided I wanted MORE- weight loss, fitness capacity, overall health, & awareness tailored to me.

So I formed my own health team of both fitness and wellness professionals to further refine all that I know, and utilize their expertise in helping me achieve my present, and future goals of all aspects of health- mental, emotional, and physical.

I wanted off the rollercoaster of constantly losing and gaining weight. I just wanted stability and the tools to know how to ‘get back on track’.

I’m regularly at the gym & now gymnastics, flipping around actually better than when I competed. No, I don’t believe in age as an excuse. I meal prep weekly (simple, I promise), yet my weakness is Mexican food & sports bar outings are just required during football season (can you guess my team?).

However, I’M RESPONSIBLE for my choices. I don’t believe in good or bad. I believe in education, Docere, ‘Doctor as Teacher’- to guide you in making YOUR best choice.

I help you decode your own cues, barriers that could be keeping you on said rollercoaster, and a unique plan for you with any variation of nutrition, lifestyle, natural therapies, & mindset.

As the background on my phone says, “I didn’t say it was going to be easy, I said it’s going to be worth it.” I can get super in depth with you physiologically & how the mind works, to chatting about astrology. And everything in between. We all start somewhere, it’s just about CHOOSING the place. We’ll go from there.

Ready to get the answers you need to keep weight off for good?


It’s time for a change- consistent change. I got you.